"You have a great product. I'm 43 and teach at SFSU - so I'm around very young & very old people. When I tell my students my age...(yes, the little buggers do ask)...they are often surprised."
˜P., CA

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"You really have a terrific newsletter every month Cynthia.  There’s always great info on beauty & healthcare – and it inspires me to do my facial exercises & lip pump and to live healthy in general" Thank you!  
Nina Nichols



"I have been using the lip pump for a couple months now and the results are great. I have had the collagen injections before but they don't last and they are very expensive. The pump make the lines around my mouth plump out & hardly noticeable. I love the way my lips look after using the pump. Thank you, Thank you."
˜B.L., CA











"I am amazed at the difference I see in my photos and in the mirror!  When you look at your face everyday, you may not see the changes but when I laid the photos side by side, they showed how my neck tightened, my lower mouth area looked younger and my skin became thicker, and more youthful looking."

Kathy Van Dyck - Florida


The above is Kathy's audio testimonial

"I just spent a few days with the fabulous Cynthia Rowland. If her name sounds familiar, it's probably because I talk about her Facial Magic facial exercise program and Luscious Lips lip pump ALL the time! She was in town to do some seminars, which are always wonderful and well-attended. Plain and simple: Facial Magic works! I have been doing the exercises for almost a year and have had fantastic results. You can see recent pictures from Labor Day (out in bright sunlight, never retouched)" HERE.    Jackie Silver - NYC


Facial Magic on Rachael Ray Human Lab


"Hi, there, Cynthia! I´m writing to thank you for helping me stay young-looking all these years. I discovered your face exercises in 1998 when I was 28 and have been hooked ever since. I´m 40 now and most people think I´m about 30. If you ever need a new spokesperson for Facial Magic, please let me know! It would be an honor!
I recently participated in Argentina´s version of America´s Got Talent (I sing) and did really well. I felt really confident, in part thanks to you! Here´s a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZajFt1RY0wQ
Thanks again!
Gabriela Flores.


I've been doing your facial exercises for years and years and
they are wonderful! Thank you so much for providing such an amazing way for us to keep our faces young and vibrant! I have always wanted to say how truly grateful I am!
Tate Bradford Bagwell - actress





Dear Cynthia,

It was such a pleasure speaking with you yesterday.  I have faithfully used your video for 19 years like I told you and I so believe in you and your products.  I have had so many people ask me - what do you do to keep your skin so nice and I talk about you all the time.  I know the products you use on your skin are important, but the basis is positively the facial exercises.  I tell them of the story of when I met you and I am so grateful for what you have given me and I know for so many women that want to look good and feel good about themselves.   I have looked at your web page and I definitely will be ordering your products.  I did see the five products that you had told me about and I will start with that.  I can't wait to try them.  If they are anything like your video - I will love them.  Thank you so much for the exercise tip I asked about.  I started doing it yesterday and will continue on that one also.  I did attach a picture taken this morning because I just had to show you what "YOU" did for my skin and I am so happy I listened to YOU that day 19 years ago. Just because I'm turning 60 in a couple of months doesn't mean I have to look it. 

Thank you so much, Cynthia - You have made me feel so good about myself and it projects through in so many ways of living life to the fullest.  Thank you.  Sandy


"It's 'thanks' to FACIAL MAGIC!"  I am told, not only do I not look like a grandmother, I look like I'm only old enough to start considering having children! Hahahahaahaha!" Sara A.

"I started doing Cynthia Rowland's Facial Magic exercises when I was 19 years old.  10 years later, a few months away from being 30, people still think I'm 19!!  The facial exercises really keep the face toned, plump, and young looking!  It has definitely been my secret to keeping my baby face as I get older.  I will continue to do facial exercises to prevent wrinkles and facial sagging for the rest of my life as I consider Facial Magic one of my best beauty discoveries!!

I'm also a huge face of the Luscious Lips device and started using that a couple years after I discovered Facial Magic.  It works superbly and you can plump your lips to the extent you want. I choose to go all out and make mine really big because I love it!  I don't even think I'd get results like that from plastic surgery and aside from plastic surgery being dangerous and expensive, you never know what kind of results you will get.  With the luscious lips device, you're in control and the effect lasts for hours.  I usually plump mine up before going out and they will still be plump the next morning!

I would absolutely recommend Facial Magic and Luscious Lips to anyone of all ages interested in looking young and having full lips!  I'd also like to add that Cynthia is a sweetheart and her customer service is amazing as well as her staff!"    Toni S.

Hi Cynthia,

I began your exercise program last January, and am so pleased with the results!  Over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed my skin beginning to sag.  I did have cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin around my eyes, before I knew about your program.  The surgery went well, however my lower lids were still somewhat puffy.  In December, my surgeon suggested that the surgery be done again to remove more fat.  She also talked about the possibility of using injectable filler around my mouth.  I really did not want to go through all this, so I decided to give Facial Magic a try.  I am so thrilled with the results!  I could see dramatic improvement within only a few weeks.  In May, I had a follow up visit with my surgeon.  She couldn’t believe how my face had changed!  The puffiness around my eyes is gone, as well as the lines and sagging skin around the mouth and chin area.  There is no reason now to proceed with the surgery or the fillers!Thanks Cynthia!!   Carolyn S.

Thank you so much, at age 35 my face started to sag, did not want surgery, I started facial magic and have stayed with it, I am now 51, and so happy, the product really makes a difference and really works.  I use to see your commercials on TV, (that's how long ago it was), I wanted to try it but thought it is probably just some bologna, but I am glad I decided to try it, it's wonderful, Now 16 years later I am still using it!   Suzanne M.


Dear Cynthia,

I was so glad to receive your message this morning as it reminded me that I really want to thank you very heartily for something!

The "something" being the eyelid/eyebrow lift exercise on your website.  I am a young 41 year old, and had a very ugly, noticably drooping right eyelid/upper eye, which made me look as though I had had a stroke.  I couldn't wear eye makeup as this only accentuated the droop.  Here in Australia we have a television show called "Ten Years Younger In Ten Days" which shows couples undergoing all kinds of cosmetic, surgical and non-surgical treatments to make them look younger.  Often one feature would be drooping eyelids which would be "treated" with surgery - trimmed away and sewn back into place without the excess skin.  Pretty horrible but I was actually longing to undergo this procedure, as it seemed like my only chance of ever looking my age (or younger) again!

Then I came across your website, and tried that exercise.  After SIX DAYS my eyes were perfectly symmetrical again! I can hardly believe it! Thank you for saving me thousands of dollars, the danger of unnecessary surgery, and much self loathing :)

 Kindest regards,  Jane

It was my quest to find a solution to seeing my mother's jowls on my face that brought me to your site. ;)  I will admit I was very skeptical -- it just seemed too easy.

And it IS.  :) 

I really can't tell you how happy (and surprised) I am with the results.  Far better than I dreamed.  I'm 40, and over the last few years had started to notice deep creases where my "cute" dimples were, or the crows feet around my eyes.  I hadn't even noticed that my eyes were starting to hood, or my smile lines were so noticeable.

All I really expected from this product was to perhaps trim up my jowls and jawline.  Again, I am a skeptic at heart.  I NEVER expected:

- my eyebrows lifting to reveal my eyes again (didn't even realize that's why my eye make up seemed ineffective!)
- losing my laugh lines
- the dramatic reduction in my "dimple" lines
- my CHEEKS are back! 
- losing the frown lines between my eyes (I've had those for as long as I can remember)

....and much more.  The jowls are almost entirely gone now, and I don't think my face ever felt this firm.  I actually LIKE looking in the mirror again.  My partner commented today that it really did look like I'd had a face-lift, but a natural one.  I went back to look over my pictures in the last 10 years, and I have to say I like what I'm seeing now better than when I was 30.  :)

Thank you very much for this program, Cynthia.  I'm sure you hear that a lot, but it's really been amazing.  So fast, so easy, and so effective!  Sincerely, Edie

Dear Cynthia,

I just wanted to share my "Facial magic" story:

I got married recently at age 35. I'd bought the Facial magic sculpting kit a year before, but wasn't doing it seriously.

A look at the pictures of my engagement party, shocked me into action- I have great genes from my youthful-looking parents, but I'd inherited my Nana's jowly look around the mouth, and suddenly- BAM! There was Nana's jowls in my engagement photos!!

I did the facial magic program exactly as the video and book instructed, and was happy to notice the jowls recede and my youthful contours reappear.

But I hadn't realized HOW much I'd changed until a week before my wedding, when I walked into my parent's house to greet my sister from out of town, who I hadn't seen in person for about ten years years (she's been living out of the country).

She looked at me strangely, and I was wondering why until she finally blurted out, "Did you have plastic surgery???"

She said that I looked better than I had when she'd seen me ten years ago!!

I lapse time to time, but I always come back to my weekly facial magic and always get guessed as younger than my age!

Best money I ever spent!

S. Hale, Santa Monica, CA

   I think of you often - I still just love your
   product and exercise my face as often as I

                                Forbes Riley - Los Angeles

I am very happy  to have found your program to use as one of my most successful therapy strategies.  I love helping my patients improve their speech production and swallowing skills. Your  program is more effective than simple oral motor exercises and it is a wonderful tool for a functional maintenance program. I have used the Facial Magic resistance exercises for over eight years with excellent results.  Oral motor retraining is not just about looking good, it can determine whether a patient can continue to eat a regular whole food diet or not.  By the way, the added benefit is that because I exercise with my patients, my own facial muscles are great; I will be 58 years old this month.     Diane Evans-Blake, MACCC/SLP

I have been doing the Facial Exercises and using your Facial Magic Lift Products now for six years and I am just so pleased with the results.  No one will believe me if I tell them I am now 55 years old. 

Nanette - Switzerland

I wanted to share a little story with you. I've been doing Facial Magic exercises for 10 years. I turned 50 last year and needless to say I happily don't look my age!

During the holidays, I was at a small gathering with three other women I had only met that night. They were all between the ages of 43 and 48. When I told them I was 50, they refused to believe it and I shared my Facial Magic story. They all stared at me, until one of them said, "But you still get Botox, right?"

I laughed, and said, "absolutely not. Facial Magic is what I do and all I ever will do." All three asked for your web address!

Take care and keep up the good (looking) fight.

Lis Johnson, Santa Monica CA

"Thank you so much for helping to restore dignity and confidence to women all over the world who will hear your message and exert the energy and discipline to follow-through with consistently exercising their face. I truly believe your main objective in "Facial Magic" is to  help others learn to help themselves and regain what has been stolen from them through aging, toxins, and sun damage. 
Thank you Cynthia, you are a dear and I'm certain I can speak for all the women who use your exercises and products, you have forever changed our lives and we in turn want to pass this wonderful secret onto our dear friends and loved ones."  Jetta

I began doing the complete Facial Magic regimen in December of 2005.  I did it every day for 3 months.  After approximately 2 months a friend, a portrait artist who really knows faces, noticed the difference. She noticed on her own that I looked younger.  I said I was doing Facial Magic and she said she wanted the tape. My friend said I looked brighter, younger and refreshed.  She observed a tightening where subtle sags had been starting. Even after cutting back to once a week I noticed that I maintained my new, younger look.

Brad Allen is a decorative painter from Canton, Ohio.  His company, Brush Magic, does all types of faux finishing, marbling, and woodgraining.  He loves matching up old woods and marble in historic renovations.  He has done extensive work in the National First Ladies Library and Museum in Canton and works in many of the finest homes in the area. Lately, Brad has been reexploring his acting, singing, and dancing abilities and is developing a one man show in which he plays elderly people and puts the inevitabilities of aging in a humorous light.
"Facial Magic has kept my face young!"

My name is Sheri Raines and I've been using the Facial Magic program for 8 years. I'm now 43 and started using it at age 35.

The main reason for this email though is to tell you something really fabulous! I consulted with 3 Board Certified Plastic Surgeons over the last few weeks. I thought about having a little work done, maybe a endoscopic brow lift some lipo under the chin ....but the Doctors pretty much have refused to operate on me...they are stunned at my age and how firm and toned my face is....one of the Dr's actually walked in the room, felt my face, looked at me for 1 minute and stated, "I'm not touching you, you don't need anything done!" He said that I had the facial tone and skin of a 28 year old!!! His assistant was also stunned at my facial tone. She asked me what I had been doing. I told her about Facial Magic and she stated, "KEEP DOING IT"....
I consulted another Doctor about doing TITAN Laser (this tightens the skin)....she looked at me from across her desk and stated, you are too young for that! Your what, 28 or 29?? As she was saying that she looked at my chart and said "wait, you're 43!?" She could not believe it! I said yes I'm 43 and I'm ready to start some kind of treatment....she was very honest and said " you would be wasting your money! I'm a very honest Dr and I don't do procedures on patients who don't need them" She kept going on about how nice my face looked for my age. She said I should be thankful that I look so young for my age! She suggested some microderabrasion and skincare. I told her about Facial Magic and she stated that it was working for me and to keep doing it!
I do take care of myself in other ways, I eat healthy, exercise, and get plenty of sleep. I don't drink or smoke. Those things help, but I think the Facial Magic program has really kept my face young!
Regards and thanks for a great product! I also use the Luscious Lips and love that too!  Sheri Raines
"My appearance has greatly improved.."

I live in San Diego and went to your seminar in San Diego.  I just retired and while going through my exit interview, the gentleman assisting me kept staring and finally said, "Nicole, you can't possibly be 67, maybe 50 but that's pushing it!"  This is a comment I enjoy very often.  My appearance has greatly improved, far better than I looked 10 even 15 years ago.  I'm into your exercises, work out, eat for fitness and dress with a flair... I honestly feel most women, using Cynthia's plan for beauty and common sense, can greatly improve their looks and FEEL better about life each day.   Ciao,  Nicole

"I ran into a friend from college I hadn't seen in many years and she wanted to know if I "had work done"...good one!"

Even if your wonderful exercises didn't exist I was warned many years ago by my naturopath, now the famous Dr. Peter D'Adamo of "Eat Right 4 Your Type" fame that any type of surgery, any cutting is a very bad idea--depletes energy along with nasty risks...and of course it is very expensive also!...unless it is something to save your life, you just shouldn't think about it.

...and about those 20 somethings?...I don't date them...nothing in common and just too bizarre...but I do usually date younger men...looking at a couple now who are 47 and 48...I know I look younger than they do and they have guessed my age at 38 and 39...ok!...Yes, I am always thanking you...Karin M. CT

"Facial Magic Exercise Has Helped My Eyes."

My name is Barbara Hutchison.  We spoke a couple of weeks ago, and I want you to know that I felt very privileged to speak to you in person!  When we spoke, you asked me to send my testimony about how Facial Magic exercise has helped my eyes---For the past year I had been noticing that my eyelids were drooping and beginning to cover the irises of my eyes. I was also experiencing pressure on my eyes that could be relieved only by raising my brows and I had a burning discomfort when reading in the evenings. Then I got the Facial Magic video and book from my sister, and when I saw the eye exercise I decided to try it.  I was amazed at the results.  Within a week the pressure was off my eyes and I could read in the evenings without discomfort!  Now when I look in the mirror I see that my eyelids perfectly frame the irises of my eyes.  I am just starting the fifth week on the program, and people are doing a double take and telling me how good I am looking!  I can't wait to see how I will look in another five weeks!  And I am having such fun sharing the Facial Magic secret with everyone who will listen!

"...I will be 53 this year..."

I attended your class in early October 2004 in San Diego through the Learning Annex. I followed the 12 wk program w/o fail and have continued to do the exercises regularly. It really is true that no matter what brand of cosmetics you use, without exercise for your face, it will not balance your overall look. I will be 53 this year and people have noticed that my face doesn't have that atrophied look. I thank you so much for your mission to encourage women/men everywhere to choose facial exercise over surgery (and not to mention good nutrition).  Helen B., La Jolla, CA

"...I really like my skin..."
 I have now been using your skincare products [Daily Lift, Vitamin C Serum, Day Cream] for one year.  I have always had a ruddy complexion from bad acne as a child.  Now I really like my skin; it has smoothed and rejuvenated better than I could imagine. I thank you for making a product that helps people like me. Thanks Mark M.  Iowa

"I am continually astonished..."

I am continually astonished with the results I am seeing from the Facial Magic exercises! My face and neck muscles began sagging in my late 30's and it always embarrassed me because it made me look older than I am. I am seeing and feeling such incredible tone happening, especially in my neck, that it brings tears to my eyes. Cynthia, you are a miracle worker and I cannot wait for the nine week program to end so that I can share my amazing secret with everyone I know.  God bless you for the magic, hope, and confidence you have restored in others!   Becca G.

"It truly is the answer to surgery."

By the way, I love the Facial Magic exercises, and I see a difference already in my face.  Thanks so much for the gift, and for bringing your product to the world.  It truly is the answer to surgery.  Phillip, Los Angeles

"You never changed!"

Last weekend we returned to our home town in VT and went to a popular local restaurant for breakfast.  Sitting in a booth staring at me in disbelief was my high school boyfriend who I have seen only twice in the past 40 years.  When he saw me walk in, his jaw dropped and he repeated several times "You look the same!  You never changed!"  and I said to myself... ."Thank you, Cynthia Rowland!!"  Your program DOES work!! Dorothy, NH
PS - If only women would remember that their face is their calling card! With proper skin care and daily facial exercises, they can look like a Cadillac rather than an old jalopy!! Thanks again, and keep getting your message out. Women truly can give themselves a face lift with a little time and effort!

"...you must have the exercise...to get the best result."

Hi Cynthia,

I ordered Facial Magic through an infomercial several years ago and have been delighted with the results...I did not take before and after photos but a couple of months into your program my mother couldn't believe the difference in my face and she has been an Avon representative for nearly 50 years...she is now 93...Her products are great but you really do need facial exercise to get the amazing results...no matter what a cosmetics company may advertise, you must have the exercise in conjunction with the products to get the best result.

I am 54 and most place me in my late 30's to early 40's...good genes are on my side too but your program has made me even younger looking!!!...Just the other day a 35 year old man asked me out...What better advertisement is that?

I wasn't aware of your other products until I went online to find additional gloves...I am so glad that you offer Luscious Lips because I have noticed negative changes in my lips and they need some help!...I'm not an advocate for surgery so this is a wonderful alternative...the cost is very reasonable and there is no pain involved...What more could you ask for?~!

Can't thank you enough,  Karin Moberg, Riverside, CT



Hi ! I have religiously performed the Facial Magic exercises for over 8 years. I am now 50 years old and people are stunned when they hear my age.  THIS WORKS!  Joyce P. Illinois